Month: December 2018

Homemade Pickle Bread

Homemade Pickle Bread


We learned how to make bread, years ago, and over those years have tried many different variations.

This year it was pickle bread, using the juice. It turned the bread into a lovely sour dough texture. We tried it with or without adding chunks of pickle. Then came more variations with olive juice and adding different types of olives.

It was great on its own, and with soup or as a sandwich bread. If any managed to make it past day one, and became a lovely garlic bread. This year we were fortunate to grow a great crop of garlic. What a difference from the store…ours was definitely juicier and more pungent.

It has quickly turned into a favourite recipe, that we have been sharing with family and friends. So I decided to photo capture and share in Homemade Pickle Bread.

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