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Aileen Desmarais

Aileen with Eiffel Tower, 2014

  In 2004,  we were in the process of opening up our first comic store. I met up with Clint Crowell, an old school friend and amazing artist. We asked him to paint our store signage. I helped paint the sign in acrylic, with him. After that, with his guidance, I was soon sketching and painting using oils.

  My first portrait attempt was a picture clip of Gandalf, from The Lord of the Rings. Unfortunately we had to  move before I could finish it. It waited almost two years to be finished, but I finished it on my own. It hangs proudly in our living room and it continues to inspire me.

Gandalf, 2007, Oil Painting

I have learned other techniques and media since, but my favourites are doing photo realism and fantasy using oil paint. I love to wrap my paintings around the canvas to bring life to them and give them a 3D look.

   Since the store sign, I have done commissions, special projects, art for apps, covers and even beehives. Basically if anything needs paint I will jump at the opportunity.

   Some of my other interests can be found in Going Green, and includes dying and spinning my own wool and creating other handicrafts. These can be found at Radical Homemaker.

Handcrafted bits to make Cup Covers, 2018

I can also be found on:

Deviantart at https://www.deviantart.com/aileen70

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Vendor @ https://radicalhomemaker.ca/vendor/aileens-paintings

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