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It has been 100 years since the ending of WW1, and on this Remembrance Day, I was reflecting on the many people who have served in past and present wars, whether soldiers or peacekeepers, putting their lives in danger. Thinking about those people who are my family, friends, acquaintances, previousRead More →

I always have something on the go since oil requires drying time. I try not to use many driers when painting, especially in the final layers, so I have had to really learn patience. It is even worse now that I have begun to use acrylics – which were supposedRead More →

After moving from the northern GTA area, to the rural Ottawa area, we had a lot of adjusting to do. We had fewer neighbours, a gravel road and so much nature. At night it gets so dark with so many stars, something you miss growing up in the city. FinallyRead More →

This summer, back from my trip to Europe, I finally had a chance to paint. Well paint on canvas, since the basement walls, floor and our porch had already been attacked by me. Trying to relax on the porch, I couldn’t help but look at the red brick of ourRead More →

I really enjoy taking pictures, trying to capture the moment; especially when no one notices. As a kid, I went from trying to afford 110 film, flashbulb and developing; upgrading to better camera, 36 mm and development. Now I can basically take unlimited amounts of photos. I do tend to goRead More →

I visited Paris, France this year, my first ever European trip. My daughter and son had already been there a few weeks. Yvonne met up with me at the airport and helped navigate us to the hotel, the Eiffel tower, Lady Liberty and of course, the Louvre! The Louvre is soRead More →