Busy at the Carleton Place Farmer’s Market!

This summer, I have been busy working with the Radical Homemakers and Piercing Moon Creations, at the Carleton Place Farmer’s Market. It has been fun meeting other creative and artistic people.

I was given a few pieces of wood from SpaltedBob, which I have painted on. They were very different from my usual pre-treated canvases. The duck turned out wonderfully colourful.



While my hatchling has been needing more work. I did treat the wood with 2 layers of gesso before I started painting with oil. The wood is still taking the oil from the paint making it flatter looking than I want.

Hatching Chelonian

I have also been creating many new dangles for cup covers, each are unique, no two covers are the same. I have even started making larger sizes, with many more dangles. Little pieces of art, what fun to make!!

I also have been busy finishing off some bigger pieces, which will soon make it over to the gallery.

New Unique Cup Covers