Blogs about art, green efforts and Radical Homemaker.

It has been a busy 2020, I did find some time to paint before times changed. Now most of my time has been spent setting up a new online store for Radical Homemaker. Soon I plan to spend some more time on art!Read More →

  On Sunday September the 8th, I went to the 1st Woolshops Annual Woman’s Event with Radical Homemaker. We met some lovely ladies, including Carrie Onraet of Ultra Riche Products. She suggested visiting the Calabogie Summer Market. So Radical Homemaker was at both markets this weekend. Radical Homemaker beside UltraRead More →

This summer, I have been busy working with the Radical Homemakers and Piercing Moon Creations, at the Carleton Place Farmer’s Market. It has been fun meeting other creative and artistic people. I was given a few pieces of wood from SpaltedBob, which I have painted on. They were very differentRead More →

Homemade Pickle Bread   We learned how to make bread, years ago, and over those years have tried many different variations. This year it was pickle bread, using the juice. It turned the bread into a lovely sour dough texture. We tried it with or without adding chunks of pickle.Read More →