Going Green

Attempts at Sustainability
Letting loaves cool after baking
Rinsing Dyed Wool


We have been trying to reduce our footprints since the 3R’s, Reduce Reuse Recycle, were introduced in Elementary School. Leading to many creative and interesting creations. Learning how to fix and not throw away first became habit. Further education in Environmental Chemical technology showed the impact of this waste, and the efforts being made to reduce and capture toxins. We were determined to teach our children the effects and efforts that could and should help, if everyone did their part.

Moving to the country was an amazing opportunity for us to try changing our lives. The biggest change was the tranquility, away from the hustle and bustle.

Cup Cover


We started learning many different skills, such as:

  1. Homemade Food & Drink
  2. Indoor & Outdoor Gardening
  3. The Many Facets of Fibre
  4. Raising Animals & Bees
  5. Handmade Personal Products
  6. Useful Crafts
  7. Reducing Energy Useage

We have been asked many times what we have learned. As the list grows longer,  we decided to try and share some of the fun, pain and eventual successes.


Sampler Weave Close-up