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Grandma’s tomatoes/basil 2018

We started gardening for many reasons, mostly to control chemical additives.  We began simple with herbs on the windowsill, eventually moving to mini hydroponic gardens on the counter. We grew lettuce, tomatoes and even some green onions. These were already prepacked plugs, so again we did not know the seed origins or the feed used.

This led us to learning how to properly save seeds from all the organics we brought into the house. After properly saving the seed, which may include freezing, we would test the viability. We have even found that most dried pulses, legumes and beans can actually be started right out of the bag.

Eventually, we started our first raised garden bed out on the lawn, with some logs as retaining walls to help. The soil depth is about 6 inches in most places, so it was a challenge to make the garden. That was before our outdoor animals provided us with their bedding and poop.

Some of our gardening adventures:

  • Haskaps
  • Tapping Maple Trees
  • Seed saving
  • Milk Weeds and Monarchs

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