“Murphy’s Point”and “Wicker Pot Holder” Finished

2014, Original Acrylic Painting

I always have something on the go since oil requires drying time. I try not to use many driers when painting, especially in the final layers, so I have had to really learn patience. It is even worse now that I have begun to use acrylics – which were supposed to help me speed up my work. Of course, my need for more detail still slows me down.

So I have a “Work in Progress” page, that is sort of my reminder section of what needs to be finished. Since setting up the page I decided to get finishing the acrylic paintings, then I can spend time on the oil paintings.

I actually finished the “Murphy’s Point” painting, and  the “Wicker Plant Holder” in December. I tried keeping them both at three-go-overs. I know I could put more detail in them but that wasn’t my goal. I think they both turned out really good, considering my obsession with details.

I have found working with acrylics to be harder then oils, mostly because they dry so quickly. If I don’t want to dilute the colours, then I have to be quick, don’t leave, and only make minimal amounts of colour. I did try some additives, but it still dries so fast.

I am used to mixing a whole range of colours in oils. If needed I can put them in the freezer, and still being able to use them up to 2 weeks later. I like to work on white meat trays, a good reuse and small enough to put in a bag in a freezer (if you wondered how to do it).

I wanted to share each go over of both paintings, with the use of photos, to see the progression.  It is a great way to see what could be improved on for the next go over.