Painting Discovered

Back in April 2004, we chose to open a comic book store in our small but growing town. We decided this on a shoe string budget, that mostly covered the stock and shelving. During our setup, some family members were painting on the window. This was when an old school friend and his daughter happened to walk by and take notice of the painting. Luckily my kids recognized him and called me. Clint and Cherene came to visit often, and so we asked him to paint our sign if we bought him the supplies and thankfully he agreed.

Being a single dad, Clint was always busy. So by November, I came to lend him a hand. It was a great experience to take our design and project it onto the board. After we traced the main design, we sprayed it to keep the pencil from wiping away. Next step was to paint. I thought, no problem it’s like painting a wall. I was wrong.

2005, Acrylic Paint
2004, Acrylic Paint

Clint showed me how to mix the paint to match the colour in our design. I had never mixed paints before and I wasn’t sure what or how much of each colour to use. It only took us a couple of days using just acrylic paint and it was exciting bringing the finished sign to the store to hang up.

I next had the chance to visit Clint in January 2005. He was busy working on a pencil portrait commission. It was so mesmerizing to watch the face appear out of the page. He worked an exact likeness of the photo, the detail he put in was amazing. Inspired, I asked for some paper to just draw something silly.

2005, Pencil Crayon Sketch
2005, Pencil Crayon Sketch

As I was about to attempt colouring with pencil crayons, Clint stopped me and showed me how to use a blender. I was shocked at how he took a 2D picture and made it pop out with such depth. I spent several hours, over days, shading then colouring. Layer over layer of pencil crayon. My first real drawing of a dragon complete. At this point,  Clint agreed he should mentor me.

So I bought my first sketch book and other drawing books to get going. I learned to sketch before drawing on canvas, then painting. I did a castle in oil paints on canvas next.

2005, Oil Painting
2005, Oil Painting

Raring to go, I tried a portrait of the wizard Gandalf. I never got to finish this with Clint, as life forced us to move 400km away.

We still keep in contact and have helped motivate each other over the past 10 years. I am grateful to Clint for mentoring and pushing me to keep trying. Thanks again Clint!