Sun on Red Brick 2014

This summer, back from my trip to Europe, I finally had a chance to paint. Well paint on canvas, since the basement walls, floor and our porch had already been attacked by me.

Trying to relax on the porch, I couldn’t help but look at the red brick of our house and wonder how hard could it be to paint. On a canvas, I decided to just quickly sketch an outline of the bricks. There was also a metal sun ornament hanging on the wall, it was incorporated into the painting. Later it was taken aside and repainted as well.

I needed something more in the painting. I like depth, like a 3D effect, actually photo realism but I wanted this to be a plein air. It had to be simple; so a small section of the table with a plant holder and a plant, including some reflection was added.

Sun and Red Brick In progress 2014

Acrylic and I have had our differences, but watercolours still have to be mastered. I decided on some gouache I had been given, which was a nice in between medium. I found it perfect for quick drying but terrible for trying to layer like I am used to with oil, or even acrylic to an extent.

The brick turned out amazing, I was pleased with the texture and shadowing. The flower pot with its striking blue design on a white background, was as stunning as the real pot. My favourite was how the gouache lent itself to make the glass of the table translucent enough to reflect the bricks.

Since this was the summer of rain, I had to pack up and run for shelter. The painting ended up being finished indoors a few days later. I still love looking at the way it turned out.  Now that it is in a private collection, I have it as my phone screen just to keep seeing it every day.

2014, Original Gouache Painting
2014, Original Gouache Painting