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Photographs are Wonderful for Inspiration!

I really enjoy taking pictures, trying to capture the moment; especially when no one notices. As a kid, I went from trying to afford 110 film, flashbulb and developing; upgrading to better camera, 36 mm and development. Now I can basically take unlimited amounts of photos.

I do tend to go a bit crazy, so this year I made a limit. This was the first time I have actually been forced to delete pictures on my camera, because I ran out of memory (more then once) and had no where to download and save them. I should have gotten another card, but I was trying to limit myself to 1600 and I suffered the loss of some wonderful shots.

Pictures are my biggest inspiration. They easily show what colours, and where to put them. I can see detail, that gets missed as time goes by. At least objects in a photo do not move. As well, the  subject is not inconvenienced by sitting immobile for hours, over days, possibly weeks.

Mystery Tree at Balloch Castle, Loch Lamond, Scotland, UK 2014

Mystery Tree at Balloch Castle, Loch Lamond, Scotland, UK 2014

My mentor showed me how the masters would draw on the canvas first. If they wanted it exact, they would make a sketch, before griding to enlarge. With photos, I employ the same techniques with the benefit of printing in greyscale. This simplifies that once complex array of colours, to just white, light grey and dark grey.

There have been some pictures I dare not paint, only because they stand alone. My daughter started taking those types of photos and transferring them onto canvas. The results are very rustic and vibrant. Some of these can be found on her etsy store, Piercing Moon Creations. She inspires me daily with her constant creativity and energy to keep making whatever she wants. Check out her blogs as she tries her hands at making new things.

Sleepy Tree Frog, Beckwith, ON 2014

Sleepy Tree Frog, Beckwith, ON 2014

The Louvre, Paris, France

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Lady Liberty, Paris, France 2014

I visited Paris, France this year, my first ever European trip. My daughter and son had already been there a few weeks. Yvonne met up with me at the airport and helped navigate us to the hotel, the Eiffel tower, Lady Liberty and of course, the Louvre!


The Louvre, Paris, France 2014

The Louvre is so big, we barely seen a quarter of it during our 5+ hours there. Our first goal was for me to see the Mona Lisa. The halls leading to it are filled with so many amazingly done works by so many talented people. The detail captured, without the aid of a photo, is astounding.

Then to stand in front of some that are as big as a wall, busy with detail. You are left to wonder how long must that have taken to draw and paint. Possibly they had help, but it still would have taken a long time to draw,  make your paints, apply them, wait for drying of layers. The hours devoted to these creations unknown.


My sad view of the Mona Lisa, The Louvre, Paris, France, 2014

Across from one of the largest paintings I have ever seen, was the Mona Lisa. It is way up on a wall behind glass, blocked further by a railing. If you are fortunate enough to get past the 100+ people, as another 100 are pushing in, you might just catch, what feels like, a glimpse of her. A little disappointing, but the rest of just that grand hall more than made up for it.

We than made our way to see Venus de Milo and so many other statues. From ancient finds to some more recent works. You can see the details advancing as the media changed. The french were so amazing, with the extraordinary detail in the lace and hair as examples. To paint is awe inspiring, but to sculpt with such skill and perfection. I just marvel at those artists, that can pull those creations out of stone or whatever, just incredible!

It would be nice to go back again someday. I don’t think I could ever tire of looking at all those wonderful creations that people over the centuries have left behind for us to enjoy. It really made me motivated to get creating when I went home, so inspiring!