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Toad with Mushroom

Photograph of Toad with Mushroom 2015

Living in the country, there is so much wildlife to appreciate.

Like this cute little American toad, I only noticed because of the lovely mushroom it happened to be beside. We are so fortunate to live in an area full of these creatures. The evenings are loud with their calls echoing through our part of the Ottawa valley.

I liked this picture so much, and still determined to work with acrylic, I tried it on some art paper.

I decided to go with less detail, I sketched the toad and mushroom with a few leaves and some blades of grass. After adding some acrylic paint, I inked the Toad and Mushroom to pop them out.

Thank you to Stephanie Haas, for her help in identifying the American Toad.

Horse 2018

still wet

So after a very long 2018, I found some time this weekend to look at my paintings. These big canvases require lots of paint and time to spread it across their canvas.

The Prancing Horse painting is large at 2ft by 3ft.

It was wonderful to see the clouds form in the sky, the trees in the background pop out and the fences take form.

The grass and dirt under the horse started to deepen, and finally more colour to the body of the horse. I didn’t feel it had really blended well, after all it had been a few years since it had a layer added. I decided it needed a linseed wash with more fur colour. The overall effect smoothed the previously added paint (from the night before) and softened the overall look. One of the many reasons I love working with oil paints, is that ability to go back within the day and still blend!

Now it is drying on the wall for at least 5 days, waiting for the final details to the mane and eyes.

“Murphy’s Point”and “Wicker Pot Holder” Finished

2014, Original Acrylic Painting

I always have something on the go since oil requires drying time. I try not to use many driers when painting, especially in the final layers, so I have had to really learn patience. It is even worse now that I have begun to use acrylics – which were supposed to help me speed up my work. Of course, my need for more detail still slows me down.

So I have a “Work in Progress” page, that is sort of my reminder section of what needs to be finished. Since setting up the page I decided to get finishing the acrylic paintings, then I can spend time on the oil paintings.

I actually finished the “Murphy’s Point” painting, and  the “Wicker Plant Holder” in December. I tried keeping them both at three-go-overs. I know I could put more detail in them but that wasn’t my goal. I think they both turned out really good, considering my obsession with details.

I have found working with acrylics to be harder then oils, mostly because they dry so quickly. If I don’t want to dilute the colours, then I have to be quick, don’t leave, and only make minimal amounts of colour. I did try some additives, but it still dries so fast.

I am used to mixing a whole range of colours in oils. If needed I can put them in the freezer, and still being able to use them up to 2 weeks later. I like to work on white meat trays, a good reuse and small enough to put in a bag in a freezer (if you wondered how to do it).

I wanted to share each go over of both paintings, with the use of photos, to see the progression.  It is a great way to see what could be improved on for the next go over.