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Introducing “Piercing Moon Creations

Artist: Yvonne Baldwin-Desmarais


Yvonne is an amazingly creative person, tackling new projects all the time. She is a true multi-tasker, planning crafts into already full agendas. She loves to knit, felt, sew, draw, paint, and take photographs. She also makes soap, deodorant and face cream. She has even tried her hand at candles, making even the wicks by hand, and using wax from our bees.

Her latest big project, seen her create 78 unique tarot cards, and a beautifully designed backing. All carefully drawn and watercoloured on high quality watercolour paper. Nicely scanned and ready for print. She has even ordered her first tarot deck custom made from a professional card printing company. We are all very excited to see her very first printed deck.

Visit Piercing Moon Creations, and @piercingmooncreation .

She has art on deviant art, photographs on Nuvango and even writes a blog about all her attempts. She has some awesome stuff!


Piercing Moon Creations

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